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BSA Closed Wednesday 04 July

Closed Wed 4 July

We wish you all a wonderful & safe 4th July 

See you again Thursday. 

BSA family 

Posted 07/02/2018 by REBECCA MITCHELL


Swim Evaluations during summer at 12p.m and 7p.m Mon - Thurs.

New Swimmer Evaluations

For new swimmers to the BSA family, you may require a swim evaluation to determine the swimming level of your child. 

We offer free swim evaluations from Mon - Thurs at 7p.m and during the summer we also offer evaluations at 12p.m . 

You are not required to make a reservation for an evaluation. please just ensure you arrived 5min prior to either time to ensure we can assign an instructor to provide the evaluation. 

Evaluations are based on a first come/first served basis. 

For further questions, please contact our  front desk (661) 615 6530


Posted 06/04/2018 by REBECCA MITCHELL


BSA Closed Monday 28 May + Monthly Newsletter

May 2018

BSA will be closed for Memorial Day - Monday 28 May 

Posted 05/02/2018 by REBECCA MITCHELL


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