Club & Swim Team

Summer Swim Team

Here at BSA we have had another wonderful Summer Swim Team Season. We hope that being a part of our team will grant each of our swimmers with individual improvement of stroke and technique, a better understanding and appreciation of team work, some exposure to healthy competition, and an overall wonderful summer with family and friends.

In order to join the team, the swimmer must be between 4-18 years of age and they must be able to swim at least two consecutive lengths of the BSA pool.


Cost includes practices, a team t-shirt, swimsuit, and cap.

The cost for BSA Swim Team is $345 per swimmer, but to make this fee less burdensome we have divided the cost over a four month period. We hope this helps serve our families.

  • April: $75 (deposit to hold spot on team)
  • May: $115
  • June: $115
  • July: $40

*Meet entries will cost $10 per meet per swimmer, or $25 per meet for families with more than 2 swimmers.


Practice will begin the first week of May and go through the second week of July. Swimmers will be asked to sign-up for a 1 hour practice time, which they will attend Monday through Thursday each week.

Swim Meets

Swim meets typically begin the final weekend of May and continue through the second weekend of July. The official meet schedule should be posted by May 1st on our team website. While we do not require our swimmers to participate in swim meets, it is highly encouraged that they at least try a couple of them.

*Our team participates in both A and B meets.

More Information

For more information, check out our BSA Team website!

Bakersfield Swim Club

Information about our year-round club swim team can be found on the Bakersfield Swim Club Website.

BSA has our own team page here, where meet and location details are listed as well as team records.